Tracey DeSanto’s Erotica

Quotes from Five-Star Amazon Reviews for Tracey DeSanto:

“Tracey’s lighthearted and engaging stories are the perfect blend of interesting, well-developed characters that you really root for, and super-hot and surprisingly varied sex scenes.”

“Tracey DeSanto is hilarious and gifted at her craft. She shreds up cliches and continues to deliver hot, imaginative erotica with each of her stories. Loved this one!”

“DeSanto masters erotica with great imagery and wit throughout. If you’re looking for something fun to get off on, I highly recommend this novella.”

“LOVED this whole collection, absolutely love the author, and will follow Tracey DeSanto’s writing until the end of time and all of the stars implode, etcetera.”

“It’s always a pleasure to read erotica where characters and a story line are developed rather than jumping right into the sex. Sex is sexier when we know the personalities of the characters. DeSanto accomplishes this, and then some…”

“This is not your usual erotica fare, and I mean that in a good way–if you’re tired of werewolves and billionaires, this just might be the hot sweaty read you’re looking for.”

“A sexy, well-written story with everything anyone could ask for.”

“Fun, creative erotica, with a hero you can’t help but feel for! This is writing for readers of all tastes — accessible and enjoyable.”

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