About the Author


Tracey DeSanto writes dirty stories that take place in fun settings. Her short fiction is literate, entertaining, and unashamedly smutty. Tracey creates positive tales that are hot for women and men of all sexual stripes, never forgetting that a dirty story must also be a good story. Her writing may benefit from a dash of romance, but in a DeSanto book you will not find meandering plots about love-lorn soulmates. You will find a sharp, fun-filled, steamy read.

Tracey enjoys a life that brims with genre fiction and nerdy pursuits. She intends to visit her favourite realms and “have sex” in them. Since 2015 she has taken her smut to the old west, the circus, and outer space. Expect leprechaun love, werewolf sagas, and more! The sky’s the limit, so long as it’s saucy.

Tracey DeSanto was born on a lunar base, raised by wolves, and  sold to the gypsies. She is a teller of tales, a spinner of yarns, and  she might just be a witch. Startlingly… she isn’t a real person. Tracey uses a pseudonym, like every other erotica writer in the universe. Gramma wouldn’t understand, and she misses nothing.

Tracey does not live in New England with two cats… but she just might live in Canada with a big, goofy dog.  She is very proud to be a member of the eXcessica author’s co-op.