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Hi there, Scifi Smut Fans! I have posted the first few pages of Space Girls! Part One ~ When Worlds Collide for you. I want you to get a taste of the sweet, rollicking science fictiony fun it offers. If you like what you read, just click on the cover here, or in the sidebar, to get your own copy for one puny Earth Dollar. Remember, if you have Kindle Unlimited, it is pretty much FREE!

Lunette and Nebbie were Space Girls, and not just any Space Girls. They were co-commanders of the Martian Ladies Light-Speed Brigade. The fact that they were the only two members didn’t bother them much. They knew their flying saucer could not reach anything like light speed, but that didn’t matter. The saucer had been “borrowed” from the the Sapphic High Priestess (otherwise known as Nebbie’s Mom.) It zoomed plenty fast.

The Space Girls wore skin-tight crimson action suits (because Mars!). Their outfits had been fashioned from only the most modern space-velour and left precious little to the imagination. Space girls don’t wear underwear. They do wear sassy belts, slung low on the hip, with zap-guns. Ankle-high space boots with rounded toes and flat heels allow them to navigate even the trickiest terrain. Nebbie and Lunette also owned transparent bubble helmets (with antennae!) for “if the need should arise”.

Oh… they were Space Girls, all right, and they were headed for Earth, looking for action.

* * *

James and Brandon were speeding towards Vegas in a rag-top BMW. It had been “borrowed” from James’ Dad. They were too cool for school, which is why they decided to skip that day. Freddy Mercury blasted on the stereo. They chugged cold beers (borrowed from Brandon’s Dad) en route. They sang, “We Will Rock You!” very loudly. They were two good-lookin’, best buddies having a ball.

The boys felt somewhat indestructible. Their facial handsomeness and bulging groins rendered them so desirable you might even resent them for it. The top was down, but their carefully-gelled hairstyles remained crisply in place. Brandon’s cheekbones were dreamy and so was James’ chin-dimple. They laughed and joked photogenically as the beemer blazed a line through the desert towards Sin City.

Little did they know they would never arrive.

* * *

Lunette was tall and slinky. She had thin lips and languid brown eyes. Her black hair was braided tightly against each side of her head, bundled into little bumps that resembled the ears of a cute Martian sand-cat. A lot of the space girls wore it that way. She had a habit of resting her weight on one hip when she stood by her console. This slung her bottom nicely to one side.

Nebbie found that distracting. Over at the opposite side of the bridge she tried to pay attention to her NAV systems, but kept stealing glances. Nebbie tended towards horny, which is natural for a red-blooded gal from the Red Planet.

Lunette steered the saucer with one hand in an expert and lackadaisical way. She rested other hand carefully, casually, on her hip to accentuate the curve of her bum. She had been friends with Nebbie a long time, and knew how to play her. Looking back over her shoulder, she aimed her sleepy eyes at Nebbie. Then she twisted her torso around. The tall girl’s nipples had a habit of being pointedly present. Remember… a lack of underwear and clingy space velour leave nothing to the imagination.

Nebbie, on the other hand, was the compact model: shorter than average and big in the boobs. She had narrow hips and a small bum, which bothered her because she felt that the bottom part of her body should be in proportion with her more obvious assets. Her hair shone the colour of brash copper. If Mars had bees instead of zmibs, one might have said she had a bee-hive hairdo… but zmib-hive it was. Her active blue eyes missed nothing, especially the not-so-subtle sinuous poses her counterpart offered.

“Status report on our course to earth, Co-Commander Nebbie?” Lunette asked lazily.

“We are locked in and on course,” Nebbie chirped back. She stood straight. That was all it took to make her breasts push majestically against the shiny fabric of her action suit. Her puffy nipples bulged for anyone who cared to see.

“How are your flight systems, performing, Co-Commander Lunette?”

“Perfectly.” The taller girl broke a smug grin with thin lips. “I imagine that we have 1.37 time units remaining until our arrival. We should probably prepare.”

“Oh? What do we need to prepare?” asked Nebbie, knowing the answer all too well.

Lunette spoke in a low voice… conspiratorial. “According to research from earlier missions, the males of Earth tend to be lacking in the knowledge of how to render a Mars girl receptive.”

“Oh, really?” Nebbie acted mock-scandalized. “Unacceptable! Whatever shall we do?”

Lunette flipped the “auto-drive” toggle switch on her console. A lovely blue light flashed.

“Well… until we can teach them a thing or two, I imagine we will just have to help ourselves.” She reached forward and cupped the short girl’s breasts. “Can I see you in the laser turret?”

Nebbie traced a finger along Lunette’s thigh, making her way up to a prominent cleft. If they had camels on Mars instead of dinbies, one might have said she had a camel-toe… but dinbie-toe it was. Nebbie pursed her lips and smiled. Then she turned and bolted for the spiral stairway up to the top of the shiny ship.

“Race ya!”

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